The Ouija Broads: Tales from the Pacific Northweird

39: Cursing Spokane

November 6, 2017

This one is kinda dark! Devon explains the origins and alleged effects of the curse that Jimmy Marks placed on the city of Spokane. 


  • The curse was a reaction to some shitty behavior toward the Spokane Romani community, which we discuss.
  • We also briefly reference the word "gypsy" at the beginning to explain why we aren't using it in the rest of the episode (except when mentioning the title of a documentary about Jimmy).
  • Jimmy also alleged that the sexual assault of a disabled woman was the result of a curse, and we mention it briefly.  
  • We also briefly allude to Colonel Wright's horse slaughter.

Secondary topics: Fruit of the poisonous tree; just a different kind of rock; how we'd react to curses; hex trends; internet arguments. 



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